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Innovation Summer Academy



The Innovation & Technology Law Summer Academy ("ITLSA") is held during one full week, typically in June, and is led by Prof. Claudia Sandei at University of Padova School of Law in Italy working in collaboration with Prof. Shahrokh (Seve) Falati at Albany Law School in New York.

Through a series of invited lectures from experts in academia and private practice, participants in this program discuss the legal issues raised by emerging new technologies shaping our lives. The focus for the program is the intersection of law and technology, including how certain fields within law react and respond to innovative emerging new technologies such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, flying cars, block chain, autonomous vehicles, insertable intelligent devices into humans, intelligent robots, cloning and molecular genetics.


The program is based in the second oldest University in the world (a 797 year old University in Italy).  In Summer of 2018, the event featured 35 people who had traveled from 8 different countries to attend.  Based on the great feedback received and still aiming to keep the event manageable, in Summer of 2019, we had 42 people travel to attend to Italy from 16 different countries.  To browse slideshows and view videos of past events, see "In Summer" section of this website here.


The ITLSA does not provide academic credit to law students. Rather, it provides participants the opportunity to network with other law students, lawyers and technology entrepreneurs from different countries; exchange ideas and learn in an international and culturally-rich environment. 


If you would like to join the next event, please contact Prof. Falati through Albany Law School here and/or Prof. Sandei at University of Padova School of Law here.  Please write "ITLSA" in the subject line of your email.  Professor Falati in New York and Professor Sandei in Italy will seek funding to subsidize the cost for interested students and alumni (and possibly others).  Depending on the funding secured in a given year, the cost for tuition, accommodation, a welcome party, lunches, and cultural outings (including trip to Venice) will be approximately $1200 per person. 

If you are further interested in technological innovation and law, you may also wish to browse the "In Semester" link above to find out about programs taught by Professor Falati at Albany Law School in NY and by Professor Sandei at Padova School of Law in Italy during the academic law school semester.

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