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Slideshows & Videos

Below you will find slideshows and videos of past events of the Innovation & Technology Law Summer Academy.  To start the slideshow or video, please click the center of any image below. Please stop one slideshow or video by clicking on it, before you view another one. 

Slideshow 1  (Summer 2018)

Slideshow 2 (Summer 2018)

Video 1  (2018)

Video 2  (2018)


Having had positive feedback from all participants in the Innovation & Tech. Law Program in 2018, we planned and held another event in Summer of 2019. See below for a slideshow and videos, highlighting aspects of the 2019 Innovation & Tech. Law program. 

Slideshow (Summer 2019)

Video 1  (2019)

Video 2  (2019)

Video 3  (2019)

Video 4  (2019)

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