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Claudia Sandei is Associate Professor of Company and Business Law at the University of Padova School of Law. She graduated cum laude in Law from the University of Padova and obtained a Ph.D. in Italian and European Contract Law from the University of Ferrara. Professor Sandei teaches law and MBA students at the Unviersity of Padova, and is a tutor at the Scuola Galileiana di Studi Superiori dell’Università di Padova. Prof. Sandei is an editor of several prominant Italian law Journals (Rivista di diritto civile, Banca Borsa e titoli di credito).


Her major research interests are company law, corporate governance, contracts and ITC law. Professor Sandei has been a speaker and on the panel at various events and conferences, including at the Conference “Innovation technology and professions” in Treviso, and on the panel at the ELI conference “Digital Revolution: Data Protection, AI, Smart Products, Blockchain Technology and Bitcoins. Challenges for Law in Practice”, as well as promoting and speaking at the “Innovation: the Law of the Future. Big Data and Blockchain". She is considered as one of the most renowned experts of IT Law in Italy. Professor in first companies (Electrolux, Carel, Breton) in Italy and at the Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza and Bolzano in the field of IT LAW. From the 2017-18, she is Professor at the Contamination (Entrepreneurship) Lab of the University of Padova and Verona. Speaker at Galileo Festival in two round-tables on topics: “Cryptocurrencies and complementary currencies: a real opportunity or a speculative tool? IT security and digital transformation: risks and countermeasures” (17th of may 2018). Co-organized and led the International Summer School on “Innovation and Technology Law” (1st edition-June 2018). In late 2018, along with Professor Marco Cian, she also spear-headed the formation of the Innovation and Technology Law Laboratory; for more information on this and the various activities of the ITLL, see here. Since 2018, she is member of the Academic Board in the Ph.D. Law Course organized by the Law Faculty of the University American College di Skopie (Macedonia).


"In Semester" Activities

During the academic semester, besides teaching Company Law at the School of Business at the University of Padova, Professor Sandei teaches Intellectual Property and Technology Law. Since 2018, she will also teach Technology Law at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. During the course, students are invited to read selected papers on the hottest topics dealing with legal problems arising at the intersection between law and innovation with a special focus on business law matters. Starting from 2019, a practical session will also take place in the form of a competition: students will be divided into teams and then asked to give advice to real startups. Some prominent practitioners from International Law Firms will then decide which team has worked better and will award a prize to the best team. This activity should lead in a couple of years to the foundation of a business legal clinic. 


Working closely with her past mentor, Professor Marco Cian, Prof. Sandei has also been critically involved in the formation of the Innovation and Technology Law Lab, which is an International Group of Research founded and coordinated by the Business Law Chair of the University of Padova. ITLL seeks to foster companies’ growth and the development of a new sustainable Digital Economy through the establishment of a modern and coherent legal framework. For more information on this and the various activities of the ITLL, see here.


Professor Sandei is also used to give seminars to entrepreneurs. This is a short overview of her next meetings: In October, she will be in Sudtirol to give advice to the local businesses on what they have to do according to The New Data Protection Regulation, especially concerning marketing activity. In November, she will give a lecture in Treviso on the legal aspects of the Data Economy with special reference to the commercialization of data (raw and personal data).   


Prof. Sandei gave an interview in 2018 on the risks and future of cryptocurrencies. To view the video, see here.  For some general pictures of "In Semester" events, please see below. 

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